I was molested by the stig

It’s all a conspiracy… everything is.

The releasing of the Stig’s name is just to get more publicity for TopGear – They’ll deny it is that guy and/or just replace him anyway like they did with the black one.

The arresting of the WikiLeaks guy was to get extra publicity to make it seem like a government conspiracy.

The catholic church are releasing details of how they covered up child molestation  to distract from the real harm they do to kids by bringing them up with harmful and deceitful personality disorders… ie. If you said “I hate what they do to kids” before then it would be the latter thing and they’d have no defence. Now if you say it then they can pretend you mean about the molestation stuff and claim it’s just a few bad apples.

I paint my foil hat black to avoid being spotted.


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Let us drink drink

BBC London news are having a whinge about one of their usual bonnet bees – Alcohol. (pushing a huge fire and terrorists being charged 10mins down the bill)

They’re trying to make us pay more and hide away each time we drink.

They showed Leicester Square and this demonstrates where they have got their way and where it doesn’t work.

Drinkers are made to go inside unless they are sitting with food and only within about 2 yards of the door of the pubs.

This means that as soon as you’ve found your spot, you’ll keep it till you can drink no more, get too drunk then fall over or get in a fight.

Open it up… put seating all over the square (remove the fencing) and let people eat and drink there – the bars can share the seats.

People will turn up, have a pint or 2 then go.
There’ll be more business so this can pay for the security and then some tables can be taken away when there’s a premier at the odeon.

Making drinking a special case which can only be done in darkened rooms will only serve to make the drinkers drunker and everyone else more annoyed.

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Just watching the 80s season stuff on the BBC (love the way they’re using the old idents) but has made me hopeful of great music to be coming shortly.

It’s not just this nice new era of non-oppressive coalition which is said to be around, but also we’re living in a HD, LED, soon-to-be-3D era that I think does represent a significant change.
We’ve had a decade of nothing happening – yeah, odd little changes like having screens on the escalators and  projectors on the platforms made it feel like the future but it felt like we were going backwards.

Sure, we still might have the plague and riots I’ve been predicting for 2012-15, but I think it will still turn out to be a time we look back on fondly for both progress and art/music reasons.

You can’t say that for the last decade of nothingness on both counts – and that’s not just because it’s just happened… come 2000 you could look back on the 90s and although some things were laughable you had britpop and grunge for music and the internet revolution as a tech thing.

We should draw a line. 2000-2010 didn’t exist.

2010+ is the first decade of the century (which is handy as it lines the numbers up)

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Labour leaflet

Got a personally addressed letter from Brown Here

Included with it was a pamphlet featuring their nuclear sunset on the cover and a load of celebs saying not much on the back Here

On every page they have a bit of scaremongering about what the tories would(n’t) do, but this one takes the biscuit:

click to enlarge

Claiming that they will help pubs and postoffices!!! as if they haven’t been the cause of them closing through one way or another.

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Many people are wondering how just 90mins on TV could make such a change to the LibDems – it doesn’t sound realistic.

Now it could be that people were just waiting for an excuse for LibDem not to be a wasted vote – ie. as soon as they thought it was possible for them to win then they said they would vote for them – The people who’ll “Never Vote Tory” but also want Anyone But Brown.

But let’s look for the simplest solution….

I read earlier that the lib dem bounce started just before the debates.

About the time of the Ash cloud maybe?

Could it be that (with strong stereotyping):
– Tory voters  have travelled further afield but can afford the cost and time off to stay where they are.
-Labour voters are expecting our government to do it for them and so are stuck.

LD voters may have holidayed at home or have just gone to Europe so have been able to work their way back.

Given the numbers involved (millions watched on TV, only hundreds of thousands were abroad), I expect I’m wrong.

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Debate Drinking Rules

Comment below with ideas of when to drink in tonight’s leaders debates:
It’s also been suggested that the leaders themselves have to drink when any of them say “I” – will be much more fun.


Big Society

Measures (drink a measure of scotch)
Started in America/Global Recession
..also If he does an evil glare (was gonna say the mouth thing but don’t have enough booze for that!)

Vince Cable
Traditional Politics/”Labservative”


Down your drink:

Post-Bureaucratic Age

Peter Mandleson
Cancer Guarantees

“Change that works for you building a fairer Britain” (if said in full)

Tax on alcohol (down a pint of cider)
Peter Steele (They should pay a tribute)
EU (no chance of it being mentioned!)

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Tight Brown

So Brown wrote me a letter moaning about (and misrepresenting) the Conservatives and saying that his promises can be believed (I laughed).
Included was a flyer saying he wants to hear from me – but only if I pay for the stamp!
I wonder if I paid for it to be sent to me too from the comms allowance or something? (says it isn’t though)

Click to enlarge

oh, and just before posting I thought I’d better check on the letter from Cameron and sure enough it’s postage paid and has my details pre-printed. (and yes, I know it’s not really from them)

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