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Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

slaverySo the government want to track your every move and do what they feel like whenever they feel like it…. but people don’t want that.

So people move to eg. Tor networks, for various reasons – Not all illegal and plenty not even immoral.

So they claim it’s used by paedos as an excuse to track/attack.

But now they’ve sniffed power they want more – Just like banning electronic cigarettes for no reason except they are a little bit like smoking which they’d banned, they want to ban anything that they feel “depicts rape”.
So plenty of films/TV would then be unapproved art and could put you in jail.

They won’t stop until everything is illegal – Big ill-defined, catch-all laws which mean that if they take a disliking to you then you’re screwed and even if you consider yourself law-abiding then you’ll struggle to work out if you actually are!

So maybe you’ll complain that it’s against your human rights – but they want us to leave the ECHR because of the other bogeymen, the terrorists.

So you’ll be put in jail where you can’t vote them out for their stupid lawmaking for the same reason as above – Losing this power makes Cameron “sick to the stomach”

Many times you hear reports like the age consent thing on the weekend or drugs laws etc. where studies and experience show that changing things could change people’s lives for the better. But they are dismissed out of hand just because they sound a bit risky and may upset a few mothers. Yet they come out with many more outrageous things like the above which haven’t even been thought out more than a headline.

Why just because we want to vote for someone who has put at least some thought into how to economically govern with a bit of logic do we have to put up with them being shrill, over-emotional and stupid when it comes to liberty?

And if you don’t like it, you hate children – and that’s bad, apparently

I guess whoever you vote for, the government gets in.


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Phone security

whoops… wrong blog

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Manefesto For London

Well I hope you’ve just all gone and voted.

Here’s what I would have said if I were a candidate… but I wasn’t.

tbh … I just started making notes on things that if a party picked up on them might get my vote at a General Election
Now as one of these is independence for London, I guess you could call this my policies if I were to become mayor (Although some are still UK national ideas.) So now the voting’s over it’s the perfect time to be just too late.

Some of these are probably worthy of the Loony party but I publish for my own posterity.

anyways, here it is….Draft 1

Votes for all (18+ still) even if in jail
It may be unpleasant giving law-breakers a vote, but to get the best results from a system, all inputs have to be counted.  If a government decides to make illegal a trait of the opposition party voters it can cling to power.

Plus there’s no right to hold someone who isn’t part of your system. Outlaw them or deport them, fine – but to hold someone  against their will is different. If they can vote then it isn’t against their will (as much, in a way)
Judges should be able to take this away in extreme cases as part of the punishment when someone’s taken the liberty of others eg. Murder.

Voting on a continual basis rather than just every 5 years
Voting can be done  electronically in booths in places like libraries or in a mobile voting van that tours the country on a monthly basis.
Postal voting only in exceptional circumstances.
A candidate who is in the lead for 7 consecutive days or any 22 in 30 days is the MP. (current MP stays in case of a tie)
If a party has a majority of MPs for 2 continuous months and at least 4 in the past 7 months then they will form the government.
Each person’s vote lasts for a year but can be changed at any time.

Stability can only be created though hyper-de-stability!

Online voting should be considered but care must be taken that it is private and not coerced so a technical solution required here.

A non-compulsory question can be asked before the vote change is submitted as to why they chose that vote.
A dropdown of policies can be selected from (or Other…)–
When one is selected a sentence regarding that policy can be shown from all parties/candidates to try and counter extremist lies in the press/unions etc.
This information can then also be used like a non-binding referendum on issues.
A general election and other elections would still be held every few years as normal.
Voting for these would be moved to Fridays.
This allows people who are going away for the weekend to  vote in the morning, or those returning home for the weekend to vote Friday night.
It also means the markets don’t open the day after and also the council buildings used to vote/count have time to clear up.

London should be devolved and leave the EU
Houses of parliament & palaces would have to be English/British still so London can swap those for the London borough of Brighton.

New marriages to last 15 years maximum upon which time it can be renewed.
Religious people can still be married in the eyes of their god for life, but in the eyes of the state it should be time limited with No restrictions on genders.

People would have to work harder at the time of renewal to make the other not walk away thereby not taking it for granted.
As divorce is expensive and horrible it would be more likely that they would just stay together if not long left to avoid this when they may have sought to break up. And perhaps things would be resolved by the time of the renewal.
This would mean less broken homes for kids at least up to their teenage years.

Those with Civil partnerships now can get a free conversion to marriage before the time limitation comes in, then anyone on lifetime marriages can chose to stay as they are or move over.

Civil partnerships can then be for 2+ people who want to officially recognise committed friendships.

Although it could be recognised in the tax system, care must be taken with partnerships of 4 or more that it’s not a loophole or taxbreak for a cult. On the cult point, restrictions would have to be placed on people  “joining in” half way through, except perhaps at the renewal point.

University fees: They can charge what they like.
Loans from gov’t limited to £10k/year for fees. 10% of all Graduates (not just entrants) on each course must have got a free place for the course to be accredited… this can be averaged over many years so circumstances are excepted (eg. If there’s only 5 on the course & someone dies halfway through)

Scrap income tax.. it’s just wrong.
Whilst it’s in place there’s always too much talk about who pays what percent and it ends up feeling like a punishment for doing well.
eg. Someone paying a million pounds in tax can be vilified as it’s a percent lower ratio than someone who pays just £1000 – That can’t be right.
Put VAT up to compensate, retaining (& perhaps expanding a little) the current exemptions and implement a luxury goods tax for things like very expensive cars & jewellery.

This may have to be done over a long period of time, but can start by doing a first ditching employers NI, then setting a flat rate of income tax which is reduced every year as VAT increases.

VAT is avoidable by purchasing exempt goods or not getting so many luxuries, whereas income tax is only avoidable by earning less which isn’t good for anyone.

Also allow local gov’t (I guess the boroughs if we’re talking London) to have the option of implementing a sales tax or they can choose to keep council tax which can vary on occupancy if they like too…or a mix of both, it’s up to them.

Other taxes should be mostly retained by the department that raised them.
eg. Car/Fuel tax goes to the DFT, Stamp duty to Housing, Smoking duty to health, Alcohol duty to both health and police etc.
There’s going to be some crossover so Inter-department payments would need to be set up in many cases but at least people can see where the money goes. There would also need to be a certain % which goes to national spending like defence.
At the moment we have a “big pot” system which is ‘From each [department] by ability, to each by need’ … this is never a good idea for efficiency.

Motoring & travel:
NSL should be 70mph on A roads, 80 on Dual carriageway and 95 on Motorways with some unlimited sections to stop it becoming a target.
Fines should be given for not making progress or lane hogging… if you think it’s OK to drive at 40mph on an dry motorway then you should get the train.

If cars had a camera (not forced, you buy your own camera but gov’t devises the connection standards) other drivers can be recorded by drivers who can then push a button for “good” or “bad” .. enough people mark you bad then the footage is reviewed and perhaps penalty sent, taking into consideration the “good” points too. Consideration should be taken than this would mean most drivers would be marked bad and so the fines should be about £10 with just 1 point on the licence (with 100=ban, not 12).  If you register your email address & bank this can be automated (for a discount) where you can declare online who was driving and review all footage.
This is obviously a huge privacy risk and so should not be considered.

“Boris island” airport to be built as a multi-use port for Air (planes and airships), Sea and a mix of both (hovercraft/ekranoplane). The train will be a high speed mobile terminal from central London with baggage check-in and security done on board.

Maglev monorail to be built round the M25. Crossrail should carry vehicles. Electrified rail to Wales (think this is happening now), electric commuter planes between other UK cities.  (probably have to invent these first… some kind of modified airship might do it – or constantly moving airships that have little electric planes to shuttle to the ground)

HS2 should be either scrapped unless it can be made inspirational in some way to modern, and not just victorian, eyes.

Data Freedom
“Protecting” data (incl. art forms such as music/films) from the public with copyright is theft from society. Therefore any data should be freely copyable for personal use.
For any commercial use, then copyright is good, but should be restricted to 10-20 years depending on what it is.

People should be able to monetise their works so this includes rights to spin-off items.

Fitness/Recreational Drugs:
Should be legal but strictly controlled with usage licences.
Educational courses should be run (at a cost to the licensee) to explain the full consequences of taking them with first aid information etc.
Different licences for different types of substances.
People can then be permitted to purchase a set maximum amount (heavily taxed) from specially licensed premises (such as a chemists)
An electronic card (like oyster) can contain the list of recent purchases to keep track of the maximum but also show what has been bought in case of medical problems.

Compulsory Health “MOT” type test
Catching things earlier and before they spread would save money and lives in the long run. Results published online – we’d be more careful of eating too much fat if our cholesterol level is public and could see if any potential partner has an STI.
Mental health also checked but a certain level of privacy would be needed on the listed results for this – perhaps just levels of certain traits.

More Nuclear power stations & Fracking.
Less wind farms but more wave and geothemal. More smart meters (at home and in industry) that can change the price as demand/supply with automated plugs that can turn things on/off automatically based on the current price.
More subsidy into fusion power.

Assistance (planning, standards etc) given to help create a network of battery swapping stations for vehicles, with a standard format battery system.
Perhaps even just built into roads at traffic lights,  fully automated. Registered users would just need to drive over it and stop & push a button in their vehicle.
Within a few seconds they’d have a newly charged battery installed and be billed automatically.
Batteries would be rented… A partnership of battery owning companies would be created so anyone can use any station and not just the ones of their rental firm. Each battery would be tagged so everyone knows who has who’s battery at any time. They then have the choice of paying the differences between them or taking/giving them back.
These can then be recharged when the price of power is low and can help filter out the variable nature of renewable energy which often produces excess power when it isn’t needed. The current idea of plugging in cars would just make this worse if more fast charging is used.
London taxis should be the first to implement this – Electric power is ideal for them (slow top speed but lots of stop/starting) There’s enough of them to make the scheme viable and enough traffic lights to install swapping stations (these are integrated into the traffic light controller to ensure they are on red until the change is completed)
This should improve air quality so money from not paying the pollution fine to the EU can help pay for this.

BBC – We should keep the licence fee, but disassociate it from normal tax.  Make the BBC officially independent of government, although still under the crown and still obliged to consider Gov’t requests.
Local & National directors and Trust members are voted on by the fee payers (one fee, one vote).

World Service would stay (or move back to!) in the foreign office and be adequately funded.

Minimum wage should be abolished.
It’s a barrier to work and creates wage inertia to those on it.

Each Local authority should publish their own living wage, which it would be expected their staff to get at least this much.

Benefits aren’t lost until this living wage is reached, this way if people answer “no” in the JSA office to “Have you done any work paid or unpaid this week?” the reply should be “why not?”. (do they ask this anymore? – I’m thinking of the old “sitcom” Bread)

The exception for this is immigrants – The borders should be free to anyone from friendly countries, as long as they can provide for themselves so minimum wage set for non-nationals would be about £14ph.



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They bring it on themselves

It may look a little dodgy this fox/werrity business which could have been avoided by being transparent in the first place – if Werrity had published what he does on his website perhaps no-one would have noticed and it’s hard to call it a problem if he’s been open.

But it’s a relatively small story – in the big scheme of things it makes little difference at all.

The problem is the papers need to attack on something but the politicians are so risk averse that they don’t do anything which is either daring or actually life changing as if it were to succeed could cause a lot more  problems.

Take the dodgy policy of windmills for generating power. They have a nice visual reminder that they are “doing something” to us all even when we are in the free countryside but they don’t do much.
Now imagine they invested the same money in nuclear fusion and it came up trumps so gave dirt cheap energy for all.
We’d get permanent traffic jams of electric cars – people being lazy and working less, getting drunk all the time and making high demands of luxury.

Well, that might be a pessimistic way of seeing it, but even so – these are good problems to be called up on.
Better to be daring, do well and have problems of prosperity … people problems of the type that you’d go in to politics to solve rather than some heat magazine celebrity type “problem” which doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

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I predict a riot

Unfortunately I did, back in Feb 2009 in this rather depressing sounding post:


OK, well I did think it would be the plague that comes with the olympics that would be a catalyst but it was at that point that I had decided it was too late to turn things around to avoid it.

…and it was over a year later which we got the coalition who haven’t exactly been bold of late. The disconnect people feel with the control of the lives seems as wide as ever. At least they stopped the ever increasing inhumane policies of labour of the time – Who now appear to be encouraging discontent by going on about cutting too fast then doing exactly that to important services in the local councils they control, and some like livingstone going out of his way to do interviews that blame it on the cuts.

Let’s just hope that’s the end of it now – I expect these particular scuffles have peaked, but if the government doesn’t find some self confidence soon (in a libertarian not authoritarian way ) and stop u-turning when small mobs complain about good policy then I expect the riots will be back

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Voicemail listening AKA “Phone Hacking”

The media are under attack – by themselves!

Apart from the deleting of certain messages, I’m not sure anyone cares that much about the listening to voicemails – more people cared about the custard pie than the rest of the story.

..but the media feel threatened  so are showing that they still do set the agenda even in these internety days. By using ambiguous terms like Phone Hacking and going OTT by saying people are “victims” of it as if they’d been stabbed they’ve been able to keep this going for weeks and get parliament involved.

I’d say most people accept that surveillance by a multitude of private media companies was actually a good thing.
Sure it may have gone too far and they listened to too many people’s messages and so that’s why they got the slap in 2006 – fair enough.

The alternatives are either let things go on which shouldn’t or that people should know about, or nationalise it and leave all the spying to government – who then aren’t watched themselves.

Imagine it was real hacking and they’d got into private CCTV cameras.  There’d be outrage and they’d stop – But then crimes would go on and the people would shout “Do something”. So in RIPA style, the government could come along and demand they get a feed from all the cameras whenever they want.

So instead of papers just telling others of wrongdoing we have expensive and scary big brother style snooping by people who can arrest/fine you.

Really, it’s a bit of a non-story – a leftie distraction from their failing Euro. Which is why they are calling for Cameron’s blood even though there’s no logical reason for that, but they let Brown lie to parliament and Milliband to have a dodgy advisor still in place.

Cameron & government has shown to be weak by going along with it and extending parliament and even cutting short a foreign visit – this isn’t a national crisis.

oh.. and I’ve seen “hackgate” used a couple of times now – I sincerely hope that is with high irony on both parts of the word.

And yeah I get that it’s silly that I’m moaning about the media setting the agenda but then talking about it myself.

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I was molested by the stig

It’s all a conspiracy… everything is.

The releasing of the Stig’s name is just to get more publicity for TopGear – They’ll deny it is that guy and/or just replace him anyway like they did with the black one.

The arresting of the WikiLeaks guy was to get extra publicity to make it seem like a government conspiracy.

The catholic church are releasing details of how they covered up child molestation  to distract from the real harm they do to kids by bringing them up with harmful and deceitful personality disorders… ie. If you said “I hate what they do to kids” before then it would be the latter thing and they’d have no defence. Now if you say it then they can pretend you mean about the molestation stuff and claim it’s just a few bad apples.

I paint my foil hat black to avoid being spotted.

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