They bring it on themselves

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It may look a little dodgy this fox/werrity business which could have been avoided by being transparent in the first place – if Werrity had published what he does on his website perhaps no-one would have noticed and it’s hard to call it a problem if he’s been open.

But it’s a relatively small story – in the big scheme of things it makes little difference at all.

The problem is the papers need to attack on something but the politicians are so risk averse that they don’t do anything which is either daring or actually life changing as if it were to succeed could cause a lot more  problems.

Take the dodgy policy of windmills for generating power. They have a nice visual reminder that they are “doing something” to us all even when we are in the free countryside but they don’t do much.
Now imagine they invested the same money in nuclear fusion and it came up trumps so gave dirt cheap energy for all.
We’d get permanent traffic jams of electric cars – people being lazy and working less, getting drunk all the time and making high demands of luxury.

Well, that might be a pessimistic way of seeing it, but even so – these are good problems to be called up on.
Better to be daring, do well and have problems of prosperity … people problems of the type that you’d go in to politics to solve rather than some heat magazine celebrity type “problem” which doesn’t get anyone anywhere.


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I predict a riot Manefesto For London

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