100,000 Changes. Everything’s the same.

February 9, 2009 at 00:00 1 comment

I’ve been thinking about history repeating itself as it tends to do.
Everyone seems to think that things are different and that what happens last time won’t happen again… but it does.

So if I ignore the part of my brain that says “it’ll all be different this time, it’ll all be well” then I predict we’re in for a nasty time coming up.

I’ve been angry for a long time about Labour and their implementation of 1984 and  other such soviet style plans, along with their handling of the economy and well, they are nasty and I just hate them.
There was talk around christmas that the Brown bounce would soon be over and the voters would get angry too and return back to the conservatives.
This appeared to happen, but what comes after anger? Is it resignation to the fact that they are screwing us over and there’s nothing we can do about it, and the opposition don’t seem to care, and when they do it’s just more of the same?

Well, given this poll that might be the case – the 2 main parties have lost out to anyone else as people think things like “all politicians are the same” (although it is only 1 poll so could be rogue)

People too are starting to get nasty – Be it big protests over foriegners getting jobs or against bankers getting bonuses. The snow helped calm things down a bit but there’s still unrest building.

So, being a prophet of doom…. I predict that when the plague comes in 2012 this will make people even more protectionist over their jobs and many other things leading to a war starting between 2015-18.
Now as I am resigned to Brown and his evil minions not leaving any time soon and already have been in too long, I believe it may be too late to stop it, although the sooner we get them out the less disasterous the events may be.

But I’m being silly. It’ll be different this time.


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  • 1. normbrainer  |  February 9, 2009 at 10:01

    That said, the war will be a great leveller and see a time of amazing innovation – no longer will big companies be able to release products that simply don’t work and then fail to support them… so it’ll all turn out good in the end.


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